PR Standards

Outline for a successful agency relationship:

At StrategicCom, we believe open, honest Client/Agency communication is the key to a successful public relations program.

Our pledge to our clients:

  • We will strive to provide a knowledgeable, consistent, executive-level communications team that will work with you, under NDA and within budget, to develop and efficiently communicate your company’s critical goals, objectives and target audiences.
  • We will help foster and/or nurture your relationships with the media, analysts, or industry influencers that directly impact your company’s communications goals. This is best achieved with various members of the company available to provide information or support PR efforts or interviews.
  • We will work with you to provide clear, honest and accurate communication to those audiences that matter most.  While we cannot guarantee coverage or control over what is printed (that’s advertising!) we will ensure your key messages are effectively communicated.

A client’s pledge to StrategicCom:

  • We will not lie to the press or to our agency.
  • We will not withhold information or provide information that is inaccurate or result in misleading communications.
  • We will treat all agency personnel with respect.
  • We will treat the agency with trust and as a valued member of our team (to be earned of course!)
  • We will have spokespersons available to engage with the press and be amenable to training and input.
  • We will be prepared and on-time to media interviews and PR meetings.

Developing and executing creative, thoughtful and measurable PR plans is our passion…
we’re committed to providing you with a level of service you won’t find with a traditional agency.