What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"As an analyst, I look for timely and accurate information and accessibility to the right people within an organization. Deborah Paquin, at Strategic Communications, is not only professional and responsive, but a proactive and valued resource."

− Joseph Unsworth, Research Vice President NAND Flash & SSD, Gartner

"I worked with Deb for years and she was always responsive, professional to all the many press we covered, and very on the ball about her product knowledge. Those are really the key assets of a PR professional because in this day and age, press demand straight-shooting answers fast. Being able to handle these multiple aspects of tech PR like Deb does helps her build very strong press relationships."

− Dan Snyder, PR Manager, Intel Corporation

"Strategic Communications has always brought not just a sense of professionalism to our relationship, but they routinely go a step further. What this means to me as a publisher is that we always have an opportunity to go beyond the press release or product briefing to probe deeper or engage in a more meaningful way. Client/Media relationships are not always this easy and beneficial...we attribute that to the team at StrategicCom."

− Brian Beeler, Editor/Publisher, Storage Review

"Having excellent counsel, such as from Deborah Paquin Strategic Communications, helped our company turn a critical corner and transform media and other influencer opinions, which gave us more options when we went for funding and acquisition. The financial community knew who were, knew what we did and the media and analyst reports provided added credibility, which greatly supported our entire company’s financial, sales and international efforts."

− Rob Van Tuyle CFO ShareWave,

"Deborah Paquin brings years of invaluable PR and technical expertise to the job. I have heard nothing but positive feedback from those whom she has worked with throughout the company."

− Diana Wilson, Technology PR Manager, Intel Corporation

"Deborah Paquin is one of the finest PR practitioners I've met. She showed me how PR can be strategic to the company and the cost value of communications. She elevated public relations with a unique measurement program to a CEO-level strategic activity. The team's media relationships are excellent and results superior."

− James T. Schraith, Industry Veteran

"Deborah Paquin and her firm bring a unique blend of strategic and creative insight to the public relations and communications function. She works well with executive management, president, CEO and Board, and helps achieve business objectives through the use of effective and integrated communications programs. Deborah combines this with a very special understanding on how to reach employees as well."

− Richard Ottaviano, CEO Inside Out Solutions, Inc.

"Deborah Paquin Strategic Communications, Inc. was able to translate highly technical jargon and engineering-speak into easy to understand consumer language."

− Tom Agler, Director of Level One Communications

"Deborah Paquin combines strategic and creative skills with a high level of public relations expertise, which added a great value to the projects done for Ketchum."

− David DePinto, Ketchum Public Relations (Former)

"Teaming with Strategic Communications, Inc. is a great affiliation because we share the same philosophies of providing strategic vision with superior results. With high tech as our focus we can jointly help companies with their regional and global programs."

− Lisa Wilson, Principal VisiTech