Using PR to Drive Business Objectives.

We Understand Technology.

No Bait & Switch:

Executive-Level Communications Professionals.

We Strive For Transformational Results.

Good PR:

Creative Strategy + Impeccable Execution. You need both.



Deborah Paquin, Strategic Communications, Inc. (StrategicCom) provides strategic communications and public relations consulting for high tech companies, including:  product launches, media relations, writing services and more.

Technology Sectors

If your company is steeped in jargon – StrategicCom can help you. Sample technology sectors include:  semiconductor, networking, telecommunications, storage, software, infrastructure, consumer electronics and more.


We understand our clients invest in PR for results. StrategicCom is committed to helping you cost-effectively achieve tangible results. We don’t just do PR for the sake of coverage, we get you the right coverage.


Strategic Communications helps its clients meet its most important business objectives. StrategicCom’s diverse client portfolio covers a broad range of technologies and companies, from start up to Fortune 100 companies.

Why We’re Different…

Check35No Bait and Switch – Only Seasoned PR and Tech Veterans

Many companies have turned to StrategicCom after working with agencies where the original account team has experienced numerous turnovers or was relegated to an entry-level junior PR member.  At StrategicCom, there are no juniors. We have not only seasoned PR veterans—but seasoned tech PR veterans—who focus on obtaining results that make a transformational change for your company and sales teams.

Check35We Know Tech – We Can Talk To Your Engineers

At StrategicCom, we only focus on high tech clients. Our team understands technology, so we can efficiently talk to your engineers, product marketing and executive C-level staff— in addition to communicating your company’s “story” to technical, business or consumer press.

Check35Proven Formula – StrategicCom Plan®

Whether you’re just beginning to see the value of an integrated public relations program or a Global 100 company with a dedicated communications staff, StrategicCom has a proven formula that works. We will lead you through our unique PR planning process and develop a targeted public relations plan for your company that maximizes your investment and provides both quantitative and qualitative results.

Check35Focus On Results – StrategicCom Metrix®

We don’t just do PR for the sake of PR. If something doesn’t make sense for your company culture or budget, we don’t do it. Together we create a measurement plan to measure what is important to your company along with a dashboard to track it.

Why Invest in Public Relations?

With Strategic Communications, PR no longer needs to be viewed as just another necessary evil or expense.  Public Relations is elevated to help company management think at different levels, communicate to its important audiences, drill down to core differentiators to directly and indirectly increase:

  • Sales leads
  • Revenues
  • Shareholder value
  • Corporate reputation
  • Name recognition
  • ROI on marketing efforts
  • Improve recruiting and retention efficiency

Questions To Ask Before Engaging a PR Firm:

  • What are the critical PR goals and objectives of your company?
  • Who are the audiences you are trying to reach?
  • Does the agency have knowledge of PR and your segment or product?
  • What is the firm’s track record?
  • Who are their current clients and what do they say?  What about past clients?
  • Are there good case studies pertinent to your situation?
  • How will results be measured?
  • Who specifically will be on your team? Will they stay on the team?
  • Does the senior-level person stay involved in the account?
  • How many accounts will team members be on other than yours?
  • Will your account get attention based on its budget compared to other accounts (am I getting the A team or the B team?)
  • Do they get it?
  • Is there chemistry with yourself and the lead team members?

Questions to Ask Yourself before hiring StrategicCom:

  • Am I ready to invest not only dollars but time into this PR effort?
  • Am I willing to make PR a company priority top-down?
  • Are my expectations realistic with my budget?
  • Will other members of my team, such as engineering or product marketing, make the time to provide vital information or be responsive to media inquiries?
  • Do I have the patience needed to build momentum?

Are you ready for StrategicCom? – 8 Final Questions

  • Am I willing to hear an objective opinion?
  • Can we deliver on our claims?
  • Am I ready to be completely honest and provide full disclosure to agency members in order to get the best counsel?  (NDAs honored.)
  • Will I be responsive to deadline requests by media via the agency?
  • Am I willing to go out in both good times and bad as needed?
  • Am I willing to let go of some of our company-bred jargon that may be important to you, but not understood by your audiences?
  • Do you think PR means press release?
  • Are you ready to see communications work like you’ve never seen it before?!